I'm Jennifer Boresz, and I am honored that my Mom- Joanne Boresz- makes up the other half of our team.

Let me share with you a little bit about our varied backgrounds . . .

Joanne has worked in video production for several cities in the suburbs of Cleveland- like Eastlake and Willowick, and has more than a decade under her belt (martial arts belt that is) as a Taekwondo student and instructor. (She is currently a 4th Dan Black Belt.)

She also dabbled in still photography for many years before picking up a video camera. At that moment she realized the endless possibilities it held.

I, Jennifer, spent more than three years working as a reporter and fill-in anchor at CBS affiliates in Toledo, OH and Erie, PA. During that time I was thrilled to be nominated for an Emmy for a human interest piece and also won several awards.

Since then I've also appeared in front of the camera . . . as "Reporter #3" in the Tony Scott-directed film "Unstoppable," and as a spokesperson/host for a number of companies like Crestmont Cadillac, Dietcenter.com, and Western Reserve PBS (just to name a few.)

I really enjoy my time behind the camera, in production and writing, for other organizations including Western Reserve PBS, WNIT-PBS, Lake Erie Living, and Daryn Kagan. I've been busy most recently writing and co-producing several documentaries for WVIZ ideastream, in Cleveland.

(For a complete list please go to: www.jenniferboresz.com)

One of the things we both have in common, besides being related of course, is that we love a good story and figuring out the best way to share it with others- whether in print or video.

We've spent many hours watching classic films together, in awe of the creativity and brilliance of some of the earliest blockbusters . . . like one of our favorites- Casablanca. We are also both, avid readers, and love getting lost in a book.

We center our work around the idea that each story is unique and should be told in its own way that is appropriate to the target audience. We'd love to work with you to come up with the best way to meet your production needs, so please give us a call, 440-391-0255, or email Info@LakeErieCoast.com so we can chat about the possibilities!

And, if you're wondering about the name- Lake Erie Coast Productions- it's pretty simple. We grew up by the coast . . . it's inspiring, relaxing, and ever changing. It encompasses who we are as a company. . . working to tell your story the best way we can while simplifying the process.